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Children (36” & under) Free

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  Glenmore’s Teams
  A Summer of Fun!!  

Glenmore Pool has a variety of teams available for many interests and all ages! Joining a team at Glenmore will allow kids and adults alike to experience the dynamics of summer pool life, a great combination of competition, skill development and FUN!

Teams at Glenmore: Swim Team, Water Polo, Diving and Synchronized Swimming.


Swim Team

Instructions for the parents Summer 2021

There are 5 Swim meets during the regular season, on Wednesday evenings in July, either at Glenmore or other pools in the N.A.A.* Fun introduction to or a continuation of competition! At the end of the regular season, those who have participated in at least 2 regular swim meets may swim in the Time Trials*. Those who qualify at Time Trials may swim in the Big Meet*.

Our swim team is divided into 6 categories:

6yrs and under: can’t swim yet? That’s okay; our lifeguards and leaders are in the water to help the kids along! Practices are 12:30 – 1:00pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. There will be at least one Fun Meet in the season for this age group, with great games and prizes! You’ve got to see it!!

8yrs and under: still doggie paddling? That’s okay; you’ll be flying down the lanes by summer’s end! (Level 5 or higher recommended). Practices are 12:30 – 1:15 pm Monday through Friday.

9 and 10yrs: a little harder now! 2 laps!! But you can do it!!! Practices are 12:30 – 1:15pm Monday through Friday. Fun, skill improvement, competitive edge.

11 and 12yrs: You’re moving up! Practices are 1:15 – 2:00pm Monday through Friday. Compete and have fun at the same time!

13 and 14yrs: you are there! Set the example!! Practices are 1:15 – 2:00pm Monday through Friday. Compete, have fun, do great!!

15yrs and over: Moms, Dads, alumni this one is for you, too! Practices are 1:15 – 2:00pm Mondays through Fridays. Never too old to swim an extra lap!!

Personal Best Program: at Glenmore, we love to compete! Sometimes our swimmers win, and sometimes they don’t. No matter what, all participants are winners to us, because we get points for every lane we fill in a race. Our coaches want to encourage the very best from each swimmer and will help them achieve their own personal improvement. A chart will indicate which swimmers improved on their time from one swim meet to the next.

Swim Meets: Each Wednesday starting at 5:30pm. 2 pools get together to out cheer and out swim each other.

Parent Participation: As well as cheering on your kids, your help is required at the swim meets, both at Glenmore and away. All swim meets are run almost exclusively by volunteers and Glenmore, like all pools, must supply their own help or face penalties or disqualification!

* North Shore Aquatic Association: oversees regulations for competitions for all member pools.

* Time Trials: Time trials are held in all 3 divisions (A, B & C) on the same date and thereafter all of the times involved from the 19 pools in the NAA are compiled to determine those eligible for the Big Meet.

*Big Meet: Only 2 swimmers for each event will participate in the finals, if they qualify in the top 12 overall from the 19 pools, which compete in the Time Trials. Though your child may finish in the top 12, Glenmore can only send 2 swimmers per event, so he/she must finish with the best or second best time out of the other Glenmore swimmers.

To join the following teams, it is recommended that participants have obtained Level 6 or the equivalent in swimming lessons.


Water Polo Teams

Instructions for the parents Summer 2021

One of the fastest paced games around!! What is it? A water polo game consists of 4 to 7-minute periods, typically 6 players per team, in which you try to score on the other team, like in soccer, but with contact and using hands to pass the ball, all while treading water!

There are 5 water polo teams at Glenmore; mixed 12yrs and under, girls 14yrs and under, boys 14yrs and under, girls 16yrs and under and boys 16yrs and under. Practices are from 8:00 – 9:30am Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Games are played in the evenings at Glenmore or another NAA pool, starting times may vary depending on the host pool.

Mixed and boys games are on Tuesdays and the girls play on Fridays. At the end of the regular season there are playoffs and finals in all categories.

Water polo is very popular at Glenmore, our experienced coaches are dedicated to passing on their knowledge and passion for this sport!

We are proud of the fact that all of our 5 teams won gold medals at NAA Water Polo Finals in 2015.

We have a Water Polo-A-Thon in July open to all team players and also swimmers who are not on a team. Great fun!!


Diving Team

Instructions for the parents Summer 2021

Tucks, Pikes, inwards, layouts? Not sure what or how? Why not join our Diving Team and learn how. It is like gymnastics in the air and into water!

Our coaches are here to teach even the faint of heart!

Divers compete in 4 categories: Pre Junior. Junior, Intermediate and Senior based on their age and diving skills.

Practices are 5:30 – 6:30pm Mondays and Tuesdays, Competitions are on Thursday evenings against other NAA pools in our NAA division, and starting times vary depending on host pools. At the end of the season there are Diving Division Sections (qualifier for finals) and Diving finals.


Synchronized Swimming

Instructions for the parents Summer 2021

Synchronized swimming is a remarkable sport!! It’s like ballet in water, upside down while holding your breath, choreographed to music!

Team Placements are held in June. All interested swimmers will be placed on a team, duet or in a solo. Swimmers compete in Pre Junior (team only), Junior and Senior based on age and ability.

Pre Junior team will compete at NAA Pre Junior Finals in August, Junior and Senior teams, Duets and Solos will compete at NAA Prelims in July and NAA Synchro Finals in August.

Practices for Junior and Senior Teams are Monday and Wednesday from 8am to 9:30 and Sunday 10:30 to noon.

Practices for Solo and Duets are on Friday mornings.

Pre Junior practices are during lesson times weekday mornings, see coach for schedule

Lessons are offered for all our team sports. If you are curious about a team, why not try a lesson! If you have any questions, our staff will be glad to answer them.


Our lifeguards for summer 2021

Elizabeth Maggie Vero Ben Peter Trever Keith Aviv Matthew Ariana Adrian emily



Pool phone (in season): 514-684-3143

120 rue Glenmore,
H9B 2X9


To contact us by email:
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The Committee:


President: Tyler Blake


V.P. Operations: Darryl Boloten


V.P. Aquatics: Jenn Defoy

Joyce and Dominique

V.P. Food Services:
Joyce Anto & Dominique Mathews


Treasurer: Jewely Sunay


Registrar: Karen Hansen


Secretary: Taylor Vijh


Past President: Jennifer Delloye

Emily and Adrian

Aquatics Director: Emily Daoust & Adrian Saplywyj

About us


Glenmore Pool is run as a non-profit organization by a Board of Directors who is elected on a rotating basis at our AGM (Annual General Meeting) by the members of the pool. The Board works with many sub-committees comprised of pool members who donate their time and effort to help keep Glenmore a Family Pool, and a great place to grow up.

Glenmore Curling Club opened its doors in 1961. Originally named Roxboro Curling Club, the name was changed just before the opening when the founders discovered that the land they intended to purchase was actually in Dollard-des-Ormeaux. At the time, the area was still mostly farmland, undeveloped lots and open fields. Young families were moving into the area, most of whom were employees of Canadian National Railways, the Royal Bank of Canada and Air Canada. These families formed the first members of what was to become Glenmore Curling Club and Glenmore Pool.

Through a combination of debentures sold to the founding members and a floating loan from the bank, sufficient funds were raised to purchase a very large parcel of land, build the curling club and in 1962, the pool was dug, opening for its first full season in 1963. The curling club was, and still is, a beautiful building with high vaulted ceilings made of solid wood. The pool grounds were planned in a similar manner. They had to be large and green with a combination of sunny areas and shady trees. Glenmore Pool could never be a simple concrete slab surrounded by a wire mesh fence.

Over the years, the town of Dollard-des-Ormeaux grew up around Glenmore and now we find ourselves hidden behind a row of homes and a fire station. Many long-time residents of the town are often surprised to find out that this beautiful and quiet park-like setting exists only a stone's throw from Sources Boulevard. The tall trees and grassy picnic areas combine with the aquatic facility to create a country-club atmosphere in the city. We think of it as the summer vacation in the heart of the West Island.

For many years, Glenmore operated as a "12 months a year" club. The young curling families had automatic membership to the pool facilities. After the first year, pool-only memberships were sold to non-curlers who also wanted to enjoy the beautiful, spacious lawns and aquatic activities offered during the summer months. As the local demographics have changed over the last fifty years, so did the club's membership. Many of the children grew up and moved away, and most of the curling members lost interest in the pool. In 1994, the pool members got together and presented a package to the curling club, where they would rent and maintain the pool facilities, manage their own budgets and operate the full aquatic program. Tired of managing a "12 month" facility, the board of directors of the curling club accepted the proposal from the pool members. Glenmore Pool and Country Club Incorporated opened under "new management" in 1995.

The pool and grounds cover over 60,000 sq. ft. and offer not only a full size 25 meter heated pool but also an additional separate deep end for diving and other fun activities. For toddlers, we offer a baby pool stocked with toys for their exclusive use.

Other facilities include many shaded areas, ample picnic tables and chairs, indoor washrooms, play areas, bike racks, beach volleyball court, BBQ facilities, large parking areas, and a snack bar, just to name a few.

We are one of nineteen pools that comprise the NAA (North shore Aquatic Association). We also offer a full range of swimming lessons, plus lessons for synchronized swimming, diving and water polo.

At Glenmore, teens aged twelve to fifteen also have the opportunity to join the Glenmore Leaders Program. This program is designed to teach teens how to be future Lifeguards through the Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses incorporated in the Program. We also introduce our Leaders to key day-to-day activities that our Lifeguards experience to help them get a better idea of what becoming a Lifeguard truly entails. This is why Glenmore Leaders are very much respected by all other West Island pools and are often recruited by many West Island employers. The Program is heavily focused upon promoting creativity and stimulating leadership initiative. Whether our Leaders choose to become Lifeguards or not, the skills that they will learn during their time in the Glenmore Leaders Program will remain with them for many years to come.